Pure View
Pure Views is a collage of hundreds of photographs made from the past, like the river making movement, the process of urbanization in China has lost the original lively neighborhood and daily life, before the overwhelming consumer society, in the "transformation" Process, soul-stirring and covered with mountains and rivers, this canopy of mountains and rivers can not appear in the Chinese culture, or movies, but in the reality of China's development, this vast reality is our eyes on the streets of the crowd or Those in school.
Born in Fujian, China, 1982, graduated from the Fine Arts Institute of Tsinghua University and Beijing Film Academy.
solo exhibitions:
the first EXIN Nanjing Asian Experimental Film Video Forum in 2012,
the co-curator of the 10th China Independent Imaging Exhibition and co-curator of EXIN (Asia Experimental Film Video Art Forum 2012),
EXIT4 Fourth Taiwan International Experimental Media Art Exhibition,
2011 Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum "Palace Music Chart" solo exhibition,
Beijing 798 in 3 Gallery "Solo and Fever" Solo Exhibition,
Solo Exhibition of 2008 Beijing Film Academy Art Museum.