XING Gang takes these specimens of accumulated layers of earth and presses the original forms together to compile them into "shijian" (stones joined together in the manner of bamboo slips that were attached to form writing scrolls in ancient times, known as zhujian); "Earth Books" that can be both opened and folded closed. In fact, he has peeled back nearly tens of thousands of years of the Earth's regular pattern of movement and the timetable of the forms of tectonic plates, taking specimens from the period of the early development of life on Earth. He currently seeks the value of the existence of life and sorting out the significance of the shape of the unconscious, unexpectedly presenting a microscopic "Cryptozoic-Era" charm of the body of the Earth. The artist's interest in stones led him to consciously collect them, and he unconsciously sorted through them, presenting the aesthetic beauty of the residue in the form of the "Earth Books"; this, from having arrived at the non-"conscious transformation," and from the surface of geology to revealing the "dimensional transformation" of the space between, offering food for thought.
Note:This passage is quoted from Zhang Zikang’s 《Yuan·Residue: Earth life Books》, one of cases study of XING Gang’s “Text of Earth Life Books ” (Stage I, 2012-2015)
XING Gang (Chinese: 邢罡, born 1978) is a Chinese Artist, Live in Beijing and Jeju Island, Korea.
His education: Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts & China Art Research Institute
Solo Exhibitions
2017   57th Venezia Biennale "Earth life Books project: Meta-life Art Research", European Pavilion of San Marino, Venice, Italy
2016 "Tian Yi Produces Water" literature research (1999~2013), Xiamen, China
Earth Life Books Project: The plan of Wutai Mountain & Yun gang Grottoes, Shanxi, China
Force with Polaris, Xiamen, China
2015 YUAN: N Dimensions, Beijing, China
2014 A Dialogue Between Iceberg and Horizon, Xinjiang, China
2013 Reflect on Genetics Chinese Realistic Painting, Xiamen, China
"Iceberg and Sea" Cultivated Heart Research Exhibition of Individual Case, Xiamen, China
2012 "Iceberg–The Great Falls" Asia International Environment Art, Busan, Korea
"Go with the Stream" the Great Falls, Xiamen,China
2010 This Fever and Charming Iceberg, Tianjin, China
2007 The Tower of Thinker, Beijing, China
2004 Consumption of Artificial View, Dublin, Ireland
Times of Consumption of Beauty, Shanghai, China