Han Lei
I guess the main thing about my work is that each piece is very specific to the individual I am shooting. The things that draw me in and compel me to take pictures are things that also sort of repel me once I've taken the picture. I love the process of taking photograph, but I don't actually like looking at my own work. I can't bring myself to make images that uncritically reflect the dominant aesthetic, so there are always traces of discomfort there alongside the sentimental, the nostalgic elements that exist simultaneously in the images.
1967 Born in Kaifeng, Henan Province, China
1989 Graduated from Central Academy of Craft and Design, Beijing, China.
Currently works and lives in Beijing, China
Solo Exhibitions
2016 Grea Zone: Han Lei & Sun Yanchu
Star Gallery, Beijing, China
2016 Time Difference: Han Lei solo Exhibition
Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts (AMNUA)
2014 Spiral: Han Lei solo show, M97 Gallery, Shanghai, china
2012 Don't Get Me Wrong: Han Lei solo show, M97 Gallery, Shanghai, china
2010 Han Lei:RUPTURA BREAKTHROUGH, Magee Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain
2010 In between: Han Lei Solo Exhibition, Talkang Space, Beijing, China
2009 Image Tricks: Han Lei + Photography,Iberia Center for Contemporary Art ,Beijing, China
2008 Swamp-Han Lei Solo Exhibition, C5 Art, Beijing, China
2007 Renaissance of Photography: Han Lei Photography Exhibition, Gallery J. Chen, Taiwan, China
Photography by Han Lei, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong, China
2006 Where is China? Han Lei Photography, Art Now Gallery, Beijing, China
Pagoda: Han Lei Photography, Gallery LOFT, Paris, France
2005 Portraits: Han Lei, Gallery Polaris, Paris, France
Killing Legend, 798 Photo Gallery, Beijing, China
2003 Strange, Aura Gallery, Shanghai, China
1996-1997 Alienation, Hippolyte Gallery, Helsinki, Finland; Podwell Gallery, Berlin,
Germany; China Art Archives & Warehouse, Beijing, China
Public and Private Collections:
Foundation Guy and Myriam Ullens, Belgium
Mother Jones International Fund for Documentary Photography, USA
Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, P.R.China
Estella Collection, New York;
French Ministry of Culture ;