Arsenic Poisoning Victims in Hunan & Drifting in West Africa
Heavy metal pollution is an epitome of pollution in China. The arsenic poisoning victims live near the highly polluted arsenic sulphide ore mine and factories in the village of Heshan in Hunan Province. Hundreds of people died of skin cancer, lung cancer or liver cancer. Though the government shut down the mine and the factory in 2011, the pollution’s still remaining. It’s the dark side of the old-fashioned economic development in China.

As Chinese fishing industry has dried up, Chinese have scattered fishing nets around the world. As one of the world's last remaining fishing grounds with rich fishery resources, West Africa attracted by more than 400 Chinese fishing vessels, and thousands of Chinese fishermen, who starting business producing fish products. A large number of African locals were hired and worked together. The tragedy of Chinese fishing industry is playing again in Africa, and these fishermen’s future is still unknown.
Liu Yuyang, freelance photographer for Getty Images & the New York Times. Born in Sichuan, the southwest China on 1991, and Yuyang self-studies photography at 16. He holds a B.A. in History from East China Normal University, and bases in Shanghai, China currently. His work has been published on TIME, The New York Times, NPR, BBC, The Guardian, ChinaFile, Science, South China Morning Post, etc., he also collaborates with NGOs such as UNICEF, Greenpeace and Save the Children.