Yang Yongliang
From the New World
From the New World is titled after Dvorak's Symphony No.9. The 2014 series marks a step forward in terms of digital technique--the piece is larger than ever and enriched with tremendous detail images. Also, Yang Yongliang combines natural mountain rocks into the signature artificial landscape for the first time. Images of the mountain rocks are mostly taken in Iceland and Norway. In this piece he depicts a realistic but illusory new world.
Born in Shanghai, 1980.
From an early age he was taught Chinese traditional painting, calligraphy and various art forms for ten years by Yang Yang who was a professor at Hong Kong Chinese University. Shanghai Fine Art Institute, decoration and design department.
Shanghai Arts & Crafts Vocational College, Visual Communication Department
China Fine Art Academy Institute, Visual Communication Department in Shanghai Branch
Set up his own studio with friends, took role of Art Director in the studio.
Started experiment and creation of contemporary art, such as modern ink painting, photography and video art etc.
Began working as a tutor at Shanghai Institute of Visual Art
Live and work in Shanghai
2017 Time Immemorial, Matthew Liu Fine Arts, Shanghai, China
2016 Time Immemorial, SHIBUNKAKU, Tokyo, Fukuoka and Kyoto, Japan
Fall into Oblivion, Pearl Lam Galleries, Singapore
2015 YAN, Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai, China
FT5 Review with Yang Yongliang Film Screening, Fukuoka
Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan
2014 Yang Yongliang Solo Exhibition, Sophie Maree Gallery, Den Haag, Netherland
2013 Moonlit Metropolis, Schoeni Art Gallery, Hong Kong, China
Silent Valley, MC2 Gallery, Milano, Italy
The Moonlight, Galerie Paris-Beijing, Paris, France
2012 The Moonlight, Magda Danysz Galleries, Shanghai, China
2011 The Peach Colony, Galerie Paris-Beijing, Beijing, China
The Peach Blossom Colony, 18 Gallery, Shanghai, China
Window 70th: Yang Yongliang, Gallery Jinsun, Seoul, Korea
2010 Heavenly City, MC2 Gallery, Milan, Italy
Views from China: Yang Yongliang and The Modern Metropolis, Nevada Museum of Art, Reno, USA
Artistic Conception: Landscape, My Humble House, Taipei, Taiwan
Heavenly City, Galerie Paris-Beijing, Paris, France
Artificial Wonderland, 18 Gallery, Shanghai, China
Yang Yongliang Solo, Melbourne Intercultural Fine Art, Melbourne, Australia
2009 Yang Yongliang Photographic Works, Limn Art Gallery, San Francisco, USA
City of Phantom Visions, OFOTO Gallery, Shanghai, China
On the Quiet Water, 45 Downstairs Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2008 Heavenly City & On the Quiet Water, OFOTO Gallery, Shanghai, China
2006 Phantom Landscape, OFOTO Gallery, Shanghai, China