Wang Haiyuan
Landing--Wind From The Plateau & Wind from the plateau - the tribute the Genghis Khan
The reason of the work: Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in China, you could find a lot of colorful clothes, that are the Buddhist sutra streamers, also called wind horse flags. The exact meaning of "wind horse" is: "The wind means spreading, travel tools and means to transport the Buddhist scripture printed on the streamer far away, the horse means the wind. “Wind horse" refers to the fate of people on a deeper level of meaning, transport it by wind. It is conducive to convey and fulfill the desire to the God. It is a banner of luck.

The tribute to Genghis Khan is a geographical story took place in the Mongolia. The shape is related to the Mongolian lucky fig - dorje knot. In 1230s, Sakya Pandita was invited to meet Gotan (the grandson of Genghis Khan Temujin) in Liangzhou (known as Wuwei Gansu nowadays). It was called the Liangzhou Meeting. Because of the efforts of Mongolian ruling class ever did, the schools of Vajrayana Buddhism were introduced to Mongolia and took the main position in the ideological sphere. In the globalization time, the materialized flag symbols stand for the history memory.
Born in Nov 5, 1973 Qinghai Province.
Working in Beijing as a film artist since 2002.
2012 6th moved wind (Germany Kassel-Frankenberg, North Hesse)First prize
Solo Exhibition
2014 INOPPORTUNE(Bei Jing Li Space)
2006 Electron & Heart Spell(798 Yu/Rain Studio, Beijing)
Group Exhibition
2017 DIVERSITY HYBRIDIZING 11th Taehwa Eco-River Art Festival(Ulsan City /Korea)
2015 Pulse of the Future (American University Museum Katzen Arts Center)
2014 IMAGES CONTRE NATURE 2014 International festival of experimental video - 14th edition(Théatre des Chartreux/Marseille France)
2014 "Finding Friends" – Discover Young Sculpture Artists(Today Art Museum/Beijing)
2014 NordArt 2014(Büdelsdorf, Germany)
2013 FIVA 3° FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE VIDEOARTE BUENOS AIRES 2013 (Bibliotheca Nacional, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2013 Sea Art Festival 2013-'With Songdo: Remembrance•Marks•People (Korea Songdo Beach /Busan, South)
2013 Version 7 Water Tower Art Fest (Museum of contemporary art/Sofia, Bulgaria)
2012 the International Canakkale Children’s Biennial (The Old Coach Station in Canakkale, Turkey)
2012 6th moved wind (Germany Kassel-Frankenberg, North Hesse)
2012 2nd Land Art Mongolia Biennial – LAM 360°(Mongolia - Ulan Bator Mongolian Modern Art Gallery)
2012 Sino-Dutch Contemporary Art Exhibition (Songzhuang Art Center)