Wang Yishu
Photography is an art form in which the poetic quality of concrete objects can be obtained and expressed. I try to establish an “illusion” or “alternative reality” through my work. These photos were taken during 2003 to 2015 from all across China. Life is a journey. These photos are my questions to the secrets of this journey, as well as the answers for these very questions.
Wang Yishu, born in Gansu Province in 1973. His hometown is Jinzhou, Liaoning Province. He graduated from the Department of Chinese Literature of Northwest Normal University in 1995. Now he lives and works in Zhejiang & Shanghai.
Solo Exhibition
2016: Open Ending, CIPA Gallery, Beijing
2016: Open Ending, C14 Gallery, Shanghai
2012: Response, Machiatto Studio, Hangzhou
2012: DONG, Ji’nan International Photography Biennale, Ji’nan
2005: Land of Contradictions, Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao
Public Collections
2007 San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (S.F.MoMA), San Francisco, USA
2005 Guangdong Museum of Art
2004 Guangdong Museum of Art