Dong Wensheng
The Billow Unbridled
Created by Dong Wensheng during 2010 to 2011, the Billow Unbridled is a series that records the artist’s unstrained drawing onto the solemn water surface with a light pen at nightfall. The artist simply condensed the process which lasted several minutes and referred to the encounter between the light and water onto a rather thin film. Throughout Dong Wensheng’s artistic creations, the artist has rarely duplicated or appropriated the realistic scenes in China of today, in effect, he integrated all of the hustle, rigidness, coarseness, and the attempting restlessness of the rapid growing times into the water in a subtle, poetic manner. Water has played a quite singular role in the traditional Chinese culture, through which readers could glimpse the principles of traditional Chinese aesthetics. In terms of the inheritance of cultural genes, the series is apparently influenced by the Water Album created by painter Ma Yuan of the Southern Song Dynasty. Ma Yuan’s artistic language dwelled in his paintings of water, as a gene of traditional Chinese painting, is reintroduced and further developed in the artist’s photographic series. Dong Wensheng has transformed the artistic language of painting into photography, incorporating his action into the process of photographic production. Dong Wensheng’s choice of “water” as a phenomenon is based on his systematic approach of human and history as well as the cultural origin, the idea is to reflect and understand the philosophies of Lao-Tzu and Zhuangzi, and the Zen Buddhism of China from a personalized, present angle.
1970 Born in Jiangsu Province, China
Currently works and lives in Changzhou, China
Solo Exhibitions
2015  CONTINUUM (M97 Gallery, Shanghai, China)
2013 Memories in Silver (Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China)
2011 Waves of Fantasy (GaoMagee Gallery, Madrid, Spain)
2009 No World-view for the Face: Solo Exhibition of Dong Wensheng (Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China)
2008 The Hermit’s Prey (Magee Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain)
2007 The Moment of Rock Sinking (Fun Art Space, Beijing, China)