Samir Karahoda
History of Kosovo, which is displayed in poems, books and movies for years, is revealed this time by means of “Centenarian” photography project through the witnessing of light and lenses. The main purpose of the project is to depict Kosovo history by tracing facial lines of Kosovar women over one hundred years old.
It is known by everyone that 20th century was so hard for Albanians. The process from 1912 to First World War, 2nd World War, then Rankovic and Enver Hodja massacres and the Milosevic case are enough to summarize this hardship. Faces of the women in the portraits I took speak clearly what was lived in those hard times.
These women are more than one hundred years old and maybe they are the last generation; each of them is a strong woman who experienced three big wars, and they are respected by all family members even though their lives are getting more difficult due to water, electricity and transportation difficulties emerged after the last war.
Centenarian Project is exhibited in Pristina, Gallery of Culture Ministry on the 100th anniversary of the independence of Albania.
Samir Karahoda was born in Prizren in 1977.
In 1992 he commenced work as a photographer in a Prizren-based photography studio.
He completed his studies at the Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul in 2003, Faculty of Fine Arts - Department of Photography, where he is currently a postgraduate candidate.
He currently lives and works in Prishtina as a freelance photographer/cinematographer and filmmaker.
His works have been published in many international media and festivals, including magazines such as Liberation, Times, Der Spiegel, the Guardian… and Biennale of Architecture in Venice.
For two years he lectured at the Institute of Photography and Film “Gjon Mili” in Prishtina.
He participated in more than 30 collective national and international exhibitions.
“Centenarian” is his fourth personal exhibition, following “Rurban”, “Postwar” and “Train”.
In 2008, he published his first book of photography “Train”.
Since 2003 he’s a part of DokuFest - Documentary and Short Film Festival, the largest cultural event in Kosovo and one of the main film festivals in the region. Since 2007 he’s a Curator of the Dokufest’s short film program. He has also curated several programmes for different film festivals focussing specially on shorts from the Balkans and served as a jury member for several European Short Film Festivals.