Turan Topalar
Afghan Road to Europe
Afghan refugees, who come to Iran due to Taliban oppression and hard life in Afghanistan, enter the country by passing Van-Turkey border illegally. Maintaining this illegal journey, human traffickers brings these refugees from eastern cities to big cities, especially Istanbul. The only hope of the Afghans, who collect domestic and industrial wastes such as paper, plastic and glass from garbage dumpsters, is going to European countries to benefit from social opportunities. These people, who have a hope of living in better conditions one day, live in urban transformation areas and bunkers. Our project brings a general perspective about the social lives of these refugees in Istanbul where they reside the most.
He was born in Istanbul. He started taking photos in 1991. He focused on project-oriented works after 2010. His ‘Syrians’ project, on which he has worked for two years, was published in PhotoWorld magazine in 2014. He currently continues working on the “Afghan Refugees” themed project.