Decayed culture, diminished nature and memories, disappeared identity... All in the hands of irregular and non-planned urban sprawling. Intricate city snapshots being bogged down in themselves. Images created by physically knitted photographs taken in different areas of urban transformation along with their essence of presence. Liaising with sites which are lost in themselves, dissolved and become common, drifted apart from their true nature and selfs.
She was born in Sakarya in 1991. She started having her Bachelor’s Degree in Photography Department of Fine Arts Faculty at Akdeniz University in 2011. She currently studies in Photography Department of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. The artist loves compounding her productions with different disciplines such as Printing Techniques, Painting, Graphic and Textile Design; and later on, she started performing fictional works and produced so many works of art with Collage logic. Her works have been displayed in so many exhibitions and festivals. Regarding photography as a research tool, the artist produced works, which can be considered as a conceptual documentation, and strengthen this statement with her design and collage works. EXHIBITIONS
2011, ‘’Engelsiz Sanat’’ (Art without Borders), Group Exhibition - Antalya
2012, ‘’Mazı‘da Hayat Var!’’ (There is Life in Mazı!), Documentary Group Exhibition - Antalya
2012, ‘’Human and City’’, Exhibition- The Municipality of Antalya
2013, ‘’Sanat ve Sokak’’ (Art and Street), Group Exhibition, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality
2013, ‘’Antalya’’, Group Exhibition, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality
2013, ‘’Karma Sanatlar’’ (Combined Arts), Akdeniz University - Antalya
2015, ‘’Yeni Arayışlar’’ (New Searches), Lions and Rotary Club, İstanbul
2015, ‘’Digital Obscura’’, Artist 2015 TUYAP Art Fair, İstanbul
2016, ‘’FUAM Cyanotype İzlenimleri’’ (FUAM Cyanotype Impressions), İlk Fotoğraf Kitabının İzinde (In Search Of the First Photography Book), Tophane-i Amire- İstanbul
2016, ‘’FUAM’’- Group Exhibition, Artist 2016 TUYAP Art Fair- İstanbul