Nature in Concrete
Cities are the natural habitat of humans. In time, the cities, like humans, have detached themselves from their essence and created their own nature in concrete. However, what is natural and cities are in fact jointed as the hinges of a folding screen. Therefore, by saving the cities from their gimmickries and minimizing them, we’ll be able to make the essence behind the folding screen visible.
Ekin Çeliç, born in Istanbul in 1996, continues her education at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University's Photography Department, which she entered in 2015.
Ekin Çeliç, focusing her studies on city and urban memory, took part in a project named "Shoot Your Life" which was exhibited in Berlin in 2012. In the scope of Fotokitap and Fkare'07 Festival organized by Karton book in the design village of Izmir in 2016, she participated in the Orhan Cem Cetin’s workshop of "Lies, Whoppers and Photographs (Yalanlar, Kuyruklu Yalanlar ve Fotograflar)".
Within the scope of the collective exhibition entitled “Where to Istanbul? (Istanbul Nereye?)", "The Eyes The Curtain Come Down (Gozume Perde Indi)" series was exhibited at Kadıkoy Academy and Design Workshop. Also she won the second prize in the 3rd Seeking Seekers Competition in 2017 with the series “The Eyes The Curtain Come Down (Gozume Perde Indi)".