When the world is having a global climate trouble, photographers turn their lenses on the wrong issues or things need to be corrected, within a perspective of environmental awareness. This awareness is one of the main duties of a photographer. From a point of view of a photo journalist, sometimes plumes from a factory, sometimes lapped slums, and sometimes a submerged village or neighborhood took their places in my frame as well, with an environmental awareness.
Born in 1970, Ercan Arslan was graduated from Photography Department of Faculty of Fine Arts at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, in 1997.
Working as a “photo journalist” in Milliyet Newspaper since 1995, Arslan gives lectures on “Press Photography” in Photography and Video Department of Yıldız Technical University along with Photography Department of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University.
“Türk Sinemasından Portreler” (Portraits from Turkish Cinema), Adana, 2008.
“Su İle Gelen Kültür” (Culture Comes With Water), Istanbul, 2009.
“Öteki İstanbul” (The Other Istanbul), Rome, 2007. (with five other photographers)
“Kadına Dair” (About Woman), Istanbul, 2012. (with Ara Güler and İzzet Kehribar)
“İpek Yolu” (Silk Road), Seoul, 2014. (with five other photographers) Television
He prepared and presented a 21-episode television show on World Travel Channel, called “Now, It's Time for Photography”.
He published a book called “Touching East” (Kamil Fırat – Ercan Arslan).