Bekir Dindar
In this project we are not only visually witnessing the destruction in Karabiga where my family lives, created in the nature, social life and personal memory, but we are also participating in the ecological struggle using photography. As a historical subject, without hesitation to include myself in the story, not only "Karabiga" but also the tension between the different identities is visualized, storytelling is pluralized, and the subject is collectivized.
Bekir Dindar was born in ─░stanbul. He completed his undergraduate studies Electronics and Economics. After 4 years of working and dabbling with photography at an amateur level, he decided to put photography right in the center of his life and started Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Department of Photography, where he is currently studying. Interested in documentary-type photography works concerning cities and the urban life, Bekir Dindar has held a personal exhibit and attended various group exhibits and projects.