Betil Çetintaş
The project is aimed at developing environmentally harmful waste materials, polluted waters, declining green areas, which are accompanied by developing industrial and consumption habits, aims to be able to create a time frame so that we can not think about the destruction of the living spaces of other living beings in the nature.
In this project produced by approaching to the destruction of nature from a critical point of view, photographs are prepared in square format and mixed with the main materials (soil, sand, ash, pebbles, leaves, egg shells, wood parts) and artificial industrial materials and wastes (gypsum, concrete , nails, rusty metal wires, pieces of metal and plastic pipes, cigarette butts, bottle caps etc.) were applied with a resin material and presented in three different dimensions with a different expression style.
She was born in Ankara in 1988. In 2002, she won the Ankara Anatolian Fine Arts High School Painting Department and where he completed his education in the field of visual arts (plastic), and then in 2006 she was admitted to Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Ceramic and Glass Design Department. He received the 3rd prize in the painting contest entitled "Hayalimdeki Ankara" held by Ankara Chamber of Commerce in 2006 the same year, participated in the 1st Military Academy Painting and Sculpture Competition exhibition with the work of 'Resistance' named sculpture. Hacettepe University in 2008, held in VIII. The International Mediterranean Countries' School of Art Meetings (ECUME) participated in the print arts group exhibition. In the same year, she made a department change and started to the Photography Department at MSGSÜ. She attended the sculpture workshop at the X. ECUME Art Schools meeting in MSGSÜ in 2010.