Junk Exhibition
According to the data of Turkish Statistical Institute, there are 3.7 millions of 20 and older than 20 year old vehicles, or “junk cars” that “used up its economic life” in Turkey. This figure equals to 21 percent of total parking area.
These vehicles that used up their economic life and lost their functions not only pollute the environment, but also endanger for people for being abandoned randomly in streets.
If carbon emission of 20 and 20+ year old cars can be reduced, 6.7 billion gram CO2 is saved. We should also state that, in order to keep this saved CO2, we need 555 millions trees, so the area needed for these trees would be equal to 206 Belgrade Forests.
Otokoç Automotive performed a project named Photograph Project “Recycling-voyage of the junk”, which aims to pay attention to damages arising from using junk vehicles to the economy and environment. Görgün Özdemir, the Otokoç Automotive General Manager, plus a photographer of this exhibition is the mastermind and leader of this exhibition whose curator is Murat Gür. This project was performed by a team consisting of Otokoç Automotive directors such as Niyazi Erdoğan, Oğuz Atmaca, Onur Özatalay, Rukiye Yılmaz and Şenay Yılmaz in almost one year.