Mustafa KOÇ
Exhibition Information
When Mustafa V. Koç went to Africa for the first time in 2006, he was mesmerized by the wild and unique nature of Africa, its vast plains, big game and herds, very interesting people, colors, textures and the perfect balance seen in most places, and after that he continued to record some of the most interesting photographs of these special soils.
His works were displayed in his first exhibition “Encounters” in Rahmi Koç Museum in 2010 and he said, “Our first voyage to Africa was in 2006. As of this date, we began regularly to go there every year. The first place we went was Masai Mara situated in the heart of Africa. This place, with its splendid prairies stretching to the horizon line and covering almost every inch the eye can see, a wonder of nature changed my point of view. This endless, breathtaking plain stretching all across and full of wild life was absolutely fascinating. The strength of wild animals and also their simplicity in the balance of nature were extremely interesting for me in those frames. And many things wait to be discovered.”
“When I look at him I see diligence in terms of the effective utilization of precious time spared from intense work pressure, endurance of the heat of Africa, correct timing, having a vision, managing capability and love for animals. I am seeing good planning before and during these travels, leadership ability, his unabated learning ambition which inquires tirelessly about everything relating to photography, his experience of life and his ability to transmit it in the photos. I am also seeing the magnitude and importance of his contributions thanks to the photographs that formed this book and others he will do in the future.” These words were put by the exhibition advisor who described him on the book which bears same name with the “Encounter” exhibition which displayed photographs that Mr. Koç took in his Africa trips over 5 years.
Those works of Mustafa V. Koç who passed away in the 21st of January in 2016 will be displayed for art lovers’ pleasure in Z Fotofest.
Born in İstanbul, Turkey, in 1960, Mustafa V.Koç completed his undergraduate education at the Department of Management in George Washington University. Mr. Koç, an esteemed businessman and art lover, who had passed away on the 21st of January in 2016. He described nature photography as “an adventure stemming from discovering nature, which inspires a feeling of freedom.” He started to take photos in his university days as a hobby, and after becoming acquainted with digital technology, his interest in photography intensified. After going to Africa for the first time in 2006 and scanning the wild from his camera Mr. Koç presented his experiences in 2010 in a professional exhibition of his works entitled “Encounters.” These works were obtained in the art of photography that he had been continuing in an amateur sprit. He also compiled a book, bearing the same name as the exhibition, which contained all the photographs that were displayed in the exhibition. Mr. Koç carried his passion one step ahead with this exhibition and the book, both of which contained photographs of the wild. In 2013, Mr. Koç held his second exhibition titled “This is the Very Life” (Yaşamın Ta Kendisi) in which he shared his photographs of wild nature with art lovers. Well known for his passion for diving and photographing sea creatures, he planned to publish a book which would contain those photos, but unfortunately he did not live long enough to publish it. His family published this book with the name “Silent World Mustafa V. Koç” in 2016.