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Zeytinburnu International Photography Festival (Z FotoFest) is an international photography festival organized with the collaboration of the Municipality of Zeytinburnu district, in which cultural wealth and values are experienced and inherited to future generations by becoming developed and renewed, and Türkiye Fotoğraf Vakfı (Turkey Photography Foundation).

Z FotoFest is a nonprofit organization which attempts to inspire, to bring together photographers from different fields and to expand the limits of photographic narration. Z FotoFest aims to bring together dedicated young artists with photography masters and to popularize photography culture.

Photography throughout its 200 years past continues to increase its effect on people and to surprise us by collaborating with other disciplines of art. From documentary photography to photojournalism, from cinema to art photography, and from installations to multimedia the appeal of images is pushing the limits day after day.

Z FotoFest intends to open new windows for the audience by using every technique from conventional ones to the latest presentation methods. Over 40 exhibitions, slide shows, talks with artists, portfolio views, documentary film showings, seminars, and special workshops will be in the context of the festival.

Z FotoFest aims to be one of the leading festivals in the international photography arena.


The theme chosen for the first Z FotoFest is “Oxygen”. The theme aims to strengthen already existing public awareness on environmental issues through photograph and film media.


Oxygen aims to go after the concepts of ecological collapse, perishing nature, industrial waste, human helplessness at facing wars, environmental issues, destruction caused by immigration an urbanization, accumulating waste from excess consumption of society, global warming and climate change, and comparing challenging and rare beauties of nature.

Oxygen thematic of Z FotoFest targets to reinforce environmental consciousness of public from a global view by using power of visual arts.

Zeytinburnu Municipal Building:

Kazlıçeşme District Abay Street No:165 34020

Zeytinburnu / Istanbul

Zeytinburnu Cultural and Art Center:

Beştelsiz mahallesi, 34020 Zeytinburnu, İstanbul

+90 530 129 8410